The 5 most fashionable colors this summer 2022 (and how to combine them)

The 5 most fashionable colors this summer 2022 (and how to combine them)


We tell you which are the most trendy tones of the season and the keys to combine them with style. Keep reading!

Among the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion trends we can highlight garments with cut out details, corsets, metallics, glitter brilli, crochet and knitwear, crop tops, linen and satin fabrics... But Without a doubt, we can say that 2022 is the year of colorful looks. For this reason, today we want to tell you which are the 5 colors that are most popular this season and how to combine colors with style. Take note!

1. The color fuchsia. Pink is a trend in all its shades, but the vibrant fuchsia known as 'Valentino pink' is positioned as the favorite of the moment. We have seen it both on the catwalks and in the new collections of our favorite stores (beware, it will also be a trend next fall).

2. The color green. There are two shades that triumph this season: lime green and the one known as 'green Bottega Veneta', a very intense green that we can define as grass green or sage green and that has gone viral thanks to the Italian firm.

3. The Purple color. The 'very peri' is the color of the year 2022 according to Pantone and is born from the mixture between light blue and lilac. Therefore, the entire lilac range is positioned among the trends of the moment.

4. The color orange. It is back in fashion this summer in its most neon and vibrant hue. Ideal to enhance the tan and only suitable for the most daring.

5. Klein blue. This electric blue is another of the colors that the most fashion experts are wearing this summer. We have seen it during the fashion weeks in jacket suits and dresses, for the summer, everything indicates that we will also use it in accessories.

Now that we have told you which are the 5 most fashionable colors of the moment, scroll down to discover how to combine them.

We start the gallery with the most fashionable color of the season. If you want to join the fuchsia trend, we recommend combining it with black garments to achieve a sure hit.

For fans of contrasts and impossible mixtures, fuchsia will also look great with green or yellow, opposite colors on the color wheel that will create a great contrast.

We continue with the green. the two most trendy shades: lime green and Bottega green. Without a doubt, we love the idea of combining it with pink. As we mentioned before, it is the opposite color to green on the color wheel.

It will also look great with yellow, as they are close analogous tones on the color wheel.

Purple Top


If you like the purple color, we give you two winning options to combine it: wear it with other clothes in pastel tones or with pieces in neutral colors such as grey, white and black. In either case, success will be assured!


Orange Outfit

Orange is a very vibrant and striking color, especially if we talk about its neon hue. For this reason, we recommend combining it with white or black, neutral tones that do not detract from its prominence.

Blue outfit

And if you want to join the klein blue trend, you can bet on a mixture full of contrasts by combining it with yellow, although it will also marry perfectly with black and white. In any case, a style lesson is to mix this tone with yellow (its opposite) and neutrals.


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