Mystery Fashion Box Purchase and Service Policies

Return and Exchange Policy:

  • No returns are accepted for the mystery fashion box in its entirety. However, if any item does not fit correctly, a size exchange can be requested, subject to inventory availability and within the same garment style.
  • Size exchanges are only available for individual items within the box. Exchanges for different garment styles are not accepted.
  • To request a size exchange, the customer must contact our customer service within 15 days of receiving the box.
  • Size exchanges are only available for purchases made within the United States. No exchanges are permitted for purchases made outside the United States.

Box Content:

  • Each mystery fashion box contains three carefully selected clothing items, which may include a top, bottom, dress, jumpsuit, or romper.
  • Occasionally, the mystery fashion box may contain a jewelry piece instead as a surprise. However, it is always guaranteed that the box contains three items in total.

Availability and Stock:

  • Mystery Fashion boxes are available in limited quantities and will be released seasonally.
  • Box availability is based on the stock available at the time of release. Customers are encouraged to make their purchase as soon as possible to secure their mystery box.


  • We offer two shipping options for the mystery fashion box: Economy and Express.
  • Delivery times vary, but shipping costs are fixed and will not vary based on location.